Here’s some various pictures from the office! They are all high quality cell phone pictures (Office humor!). I will be adding images over time, so check back and check it out! I have some images of the mountains, some neat trees, and sundry work images. You may navigate by using the arrow in the image, the arrow on your keyboard, or grabbing the image with your mouse and moving it left or right! Also, I’m sorry, but I can’t figure out how to make it open the picture in a new window, so you’ll just have to go back in your browser if you happen to click the image.
Sierra Blanca finds a hat
A fire recently tronced across that hill
Pete, large butt end
All our milled timber
The lonely road to Arabela - Doesn't look like there's many trees out here to cut, eh? There are a bunch of Cedar, Juniper, and Piñon just down the road a few miles. I love these old back road highways!


     Thanks for looking thru my pictures! Any questions or comments are welcome. Contact me if you have an image you would like to submit, I may just stick it in there for ya!
Be safe, Cass “Cronkito”
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6 thoughts on “Photo Gallery!

    1. Thanks, check back sometime, I will be adding one here and there! It definitely is a place I enjoy living, to bad you had to move!
      Be safe, cass “cronkito”

    1. Well, you are always welcome to click thru my pics! That’s a quick way to see a bit of New Mexico! Now, time to upgrade my phone…
      Be safe, cass “cronkito”

    1. She said it’s just to the right of the truck, across the way, behind the pine tree… I never would have thought yellow would be a good camouflage color!
      Be safe, cass “cronkito”

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