You bet your pippy! Danner sent me a pair of boots to put thru the wringer and review. I just received them, the Danner Quarry AT, and I have a couple of initial thoughts. A full review will be forthcoming, just as soon as I go jump in some mud puddles and get them good and broken in! (No, I don’t make any money from Danner’s links, but if enough of you guys click over there maybe they will send me another pair of boots to review!)

The Low Down

     They are made in the USA! That’s pretty cool! I know you can find a lot of custom boots, made in the USA, but these are from a large company. That’s a good thing in my book. I like the fact that these boots were made here in the USA, in Portland Oregon, actually, when they could have been made elsewhere. Not all of Danner’s boots are made in the US, but they are very clear on their website as to which ones are. Mine have tiny US flags sewn to the side, which I think looks nice. Not too sure what the Flag Code would have to say about it, but I like it!

Danner Quarry USA
These boots look amazing in person!

     Upon initial inspection I noticed the stitching. It looks like Kevlar thread holding them together. I will have to check with Danner to see if it is or not, the website does not say. There is triple and double stitching all over these boots, they should last a long time!

     The boots are resoleable, that is a good feature. Danner’s site says the “hand crafted stitchdown construction provides a wider platform for increased stability underfoot”. So the soles are a little bit wider than other types of construction, I guess. I am no shoe expert!

Danners tongue
The tongue area. This is the reason I don’t think the tongue protector is necessary!

     They have Gore Tex waterproofing. It doesn’t get much better than Gore Tex! I have a pair of hiking boots that have about 500k miles on em (Yeah, that might be a bit of an exaggeration…), and they are just recently no longer waterproof. That Gore Tex is good stuff! I believe it is a liner sewn into the boot.

     The sole has a pattern that I have not seen before. It’s called the Vibram Quarry outsole, apparently! It looks great! I think it will be a very good sole. It does have a curve from side to side, we’ll see if there is any instability there. I have read a review that said there was, but I’ll hold judgement until I have stomped around in them a bit. It’s supposed to be oil and slip resistant, but I have never seen a sole that doesn’t slip in oil. Not sure if I will actively try to try this feature out, could end up being painful!

Danners eyelets
The captured eyelets. I’m thinking that edge might cut the laces over time. I like the “Danner” details though!

     There is a shank in the sole. It should help considerably when climbing ladders or trees with my gaffs. My old boots have no shank, and they are very uncomfortable while in gaffs. Very uncomfortable. I am excited to have some boots with shanks! The shanks in these are fiberglass, so I will have to see how stiff and tough they are.

     The toe on these is an aluminum alloy. I like this because I don’t relish getting my toes smashed. They also are supposed to meet or exceed ASTM F2413-11 M I/75 C/75 EH standards. I would give you a link to the standards, but I could not find a free source. Not only that, but the ASTM website is a mess of links. Seriously! Let’s just say my pretty little feet should be pretty safe in these boots from electric hazards and falling objects.

Danners speed laces
The speed eyelets. They have the same “Danner” details for a nice well rounded look.

     The eyelets are different. I noticed a sharp edge on the bottom holes. I wonder how fast these eyelets will chew thru the laces. Another point I will have to weigh in on after a bit of time has elapsed. There are 5 hole eyelets and 4 speed lace eyelets per side, per boot.

     The Quarry comes with a tongue protector for each boot. I don’t see the need, as there is a nice sewn in protector already on the tongue. Maybe some people like them for looks? I’ll pass, in this instance.

Danners rounded sole
You can clearly see the curve of the sole. Not sure if this will be an issue yet, or not.

     The heel is low. These boots have about a one inch heel that has a 90° angle to the sole. This will help the boot stay in a set of gaffs. I like the ribs that are on the sole right under the arch, in front of the heel. Speaking of the sole, let me say again, I really like the pattern on the sole. It’s nice and aggressive! It has enough space between the lugs that mud and debris should come out easily.

Danner Vibram Quarry
Here are the soles! I really like this pattern. The heel has a reset button too, see it? Just kidding, I have no idea what that little dot is, the injection point?

     There is a nice bunch of padding on the top of the boot, what I would call the collar. There is also a sewn in loop to assist in pulling the boots on. I hope the boots go on easier than my old ones. The old ones would pull your socks hard into your toes. Looking down into the boots I don’t think this will be an issue with the Danners. The padding in there reminds me of silk encased pillows! No, really! The padding and liner are very comfy feeling and looking.

Danners collar
Just look at that collar and padding! That all has to be a good thing!

     The insole is a neat two part deal. From the heel to the arch it has a hardish plastic shell on the bottom. The Front and top is a swath of squishy foamy rubbery stuff that looks quite promising. It has a fabric cover over the top of that, so it should wear nicely. I guess the hard bit is supposed to help with stability somewhat like the shank should. I’m excited to try these on already!

     The laces look just like the laces found on boots since forever. I don’t know how they will last, but if they are like the old ones they will last great. I still think the eyelets may end up eating them… Speaking of laces, these come with a little metal tab to go in the middle. I always tie a knot in the middle of new laces (before they are laced to the boot) to keep them the same length day after day, but with these I wont have to do that!

Danners padding
Down the hatch! I think it’s a felt bottom down there under the insole. Looks nicely made though!

     Here is a link to the boots! No, that’s still not a paid link, unfortunately, but you’re more than welcome to go check them out. There are some reviews and some specs posted over there, as well as a nice commercial. They are made in women’s sizes as well! This link goes to Amazon, you can see lots of reviews on the Danner Quarry there, they look mostly positive too! I do get paid if you buy something from Amazon after clicking my Amazon link, so feel free to go shopping!


     Thanks for reading all about my shiny new boots. I can’t wait to stick them on my feet and go to work in them! I have a real good feeling about these Danner Quarry USA boots, I think they will wear very well and last a long time while doing it. The craftsmanship looks great, and I must say, I think they are a real handsome pair of boots! They come in a couple of other colors, but I think the black ones are the best looking of the bunch. I am happy that they did not send me a pink pair, but I would have worn those too! LOL. (They asked which color I would prefer… I told them that I wasn’t picky, and would even wear pink! Pink is not my color…)

     As always, feel free to ask any questions and share any comments you may have! Thanks for sharing, subscribing, and liking too!

Danner Men’s Quarry USA 8-Inch Alloy Toe Work Boot

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4 thoughts on “Danner Quarry USA! Am I Super Excited?

  1. You know Cass, there are some things in life that just shouldn’t be pink. I saw a pink Spitfire once and just squeezed my eyes shut as I passed. I think the same goes here. Nice review though; concise but still detailed as always. You’ve done well with the close-up images too.

    1. Hi, David! Thanks for coming by and commenting!

      I believe there are many things in life that should not be pink, and clothing for me is at the top of that list. I am very grateful to Danner for sending me black ones! LOL.

      I am getting better with my new phone and how the camera works. It does pretty well with pictures, and pretty poorly with video. I haven’t messed with it enough to figure out how to get good videos anyways!

      Stay alert, stay alive! cass “cronkito”

  2. Ey Cass, I was just wondering how those things are wearing now that it’s been a while since you got them???

    1. Hey, Randy! Thanks for the question…

      I have about three months in the boots now. I was actually thinking of doing my review, but I do want a little more time in them first. So far, I really like them. They took about a week to get broken in, and have only gotten better since. They are now forming to my feet. 🙂 I can say that I do not have to take them off as soon as I get home, in fact, I regularly keep them on for several hours after work. I do believe I would recommend them! Stay tuned for the review!!!

      Stay alert, stay alive! cass “cronkito”

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