I’ll come right out and tell you how old I think the tree is, about 1000 years old. That would mean that the Anasazi were still making their cliff dwellings when this tree was a sapling! The Spanish Conquistadors had not yet wandered thru the area either! This tree would then also predate the Crusades… I bet it has seen quite a bit, sitting up there on its hill top retreat. I’m glad I won’t live that long. 🙂

     The tree is a type of Juniper, either a Oneseed or Rocky Mountain. I think it’s a Rocky Mountain Juniper, but I could very likely be wrong! It is only about 25 feet tall, but it reaches out at least that far to each side. The main trunk is about 2.5-3′ before it turns into branches going every which way. Oh, and by the by, I got my age guess from this article, on the second slide. As far as that article goes, who in their right mind would want to burn green wood?

     This tree was off our job, so we did no cutting on or around it viagra meilleur site. I just happened to be looking around for the next tree to trim up and I noticed this behemoth just down the hill. Most of these trees you see around here are about 7-10″ diameter, so you can see how this one caught my eye! I would have liked to clean up around this old guy a bit, but as I said, it was off our job. I guess he’s done OK for quite a while, might even live longer without me yammering around at his feet…


     I am finding out that the new phone does take good pictures. I am also finding out that the new phone does not take good video… Perhaps there is a setting I need to select to get a clearer, more stable image. Anyways, enjoy!


     I enjoyed getting the chance to take a pic or two of this old tree. It’s not every day I get to see one so old and grand. I know of an Alligator Juniper that is probably twice the size of this tree that I am going to shoot one day, when I get the chance… Thanks for reading and watching along with me. Be sure to tell me what kind of tree this is, as well as how old you estimate this old tree to be, in the comments below!

Safety first, Cass “Cronkito”

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2 thoughts on “Can You Guess How Old This Tree Is?

    1. A super duper specimen, I thought! It sure has some character. (I found that graph, there’s a link in the second paragraph)

      Safety first, cass “cronkito”

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