About Me

        Hello all, I am Cass, and welcome to my site!

     I hope I can share some of my Cass-and-his-Stihl-046experiences with you. I have been playing with chainsaws for about 17 years now and have learned that there is always more to learn. They are so fun to use, but command extreme respect and focus. I have never cut myself with a running saw, knock on wood.

     My journey began when I was working at Asplundh at around the turn of the century. Man, that makes me feel old, saying that. Anyways, my boss tossed me all the relevant PPE (chaps, seeing as I already had the glasses, ear plugs, gloves, and hard hat) and told me to put it all on. Once I had it all on he handed me the baby saw, I think it was a Stihl 009 or 011, and told me to go cut up all the branches I had just piled up. He said, “Don’t cut yourself or the rocks,” and wandered off, leaving me to figure out how to use a saw. I was hooked.

     Once I became a foreman at Asplundh I decided to have my own opinion about saws. The biggest saw on my truck was a Stihl 026 with a 20″ bar, it is not a big saw and not a big bar. I didn’t figure this was a good enough tool when some of our removals were 48″ DBH. I still remember my general foreman telling me to cut from both sides and that there were no funds for a bigger saw. I spent a tax refund on a Stihl 046 that I have to this day.

     After a few years at Asplundh I was released on the private sector and decided to give retail a try. I chopped trees on the side for about the next 11 years, honing my skills as a lumberjack on my days off. When I quit my day job I fell full time back into choppin trees, and I am still happily doing so today.

     Now, don’t go thinking Stihl is my brand of choice, it’s not. I don’t have a brand of choice, there are great saws from several manufacturers. I have a Stihl 046, Husqvarna 55, Husqvarna T435, and a new Jonsered CS 2253 in the tool box; not to mention, I have unfettered access to all the Boss’ saws! I would like to give some a try, like Dolmar, Solo, and Efco, but they unfortunately cost money. Some day. I did just score a new top handle from ECHO which I’m rather excited to thrash and report back on!

     I hope my reviews of these saws and of some chainsaw accessories helps you out. If you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask, I will get back with you as soon as possible. The same goes if you have any comments or requests. Have fun, be safe, and thanks for swinging by.

Stay alert, stay alive, Cass “Cronkito”


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