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     I just happened across a short video the Boss took of me chopping the top out of a pine tree. It was the first tree I had topped in quite some time, years and years actually! I noticed in the video I left really long stubs where the branches were. I did this to still have a place to set my climbing line, but the stubs are a bit exaggerated. I must have not wanted to fall out of the tree at all that day! I still leave stubs on removals for the same reason, but now they are about 4 or so inches instead of 2 feet. Smaller stubs tend to get in the way of falling branches much less. It is kind of a pain when the branch you remove falls to just under your feet and hangs on a stub. (Like the one in the video!)

     The reason for climbing this tree was because there was nowhere to drop it in one piece without damaging the other trees or the house. It was in a tight spot, as it was surrounded by trees and a house. I used my “trusty” Husqvarna T435 for all the cutting in the tree. I really need to get that new updated carb for it, it’s almost unusable in the tree as it is. Looks like it was working right this day though! It must like photo ops… On my way up I removed branches. On my way down I removed all the hangers I created. Without the top we had the room needed to bring down the rest of the tree in one piece, which we did right after this video. I could have brought down chunks of the tree on my way down, but since we had the room for the whole chunk we did that. It is much faster, at least for us, to do it that way.



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Better safe than sorry! Cass “Cronkito”

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